Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Short Interview

A Fellow Yellow was asking me interview questions for her research on 'British Asians' - I thought it would be nice to share it with you guys what my answers were :)

1. What kind of reaction do you normally get from people when you open your mouth?
2. Where were you born?
3. Which one of your parents is asian?
4. What inspired you to make your videos?
5. Where did you get your personality from? Mom or dad?
6. How often do girls hit on you ?
7. When did you start making videos ?
8. What is your name ?

1. Well there are a lot of people of Asian descent within my country whose English is quite broken and quite 'Eastern'. So sometimes they are surprised when I am fluent in my speaking. Sometimes I get a reaction that don't expect the kind of accent that comes out of mouth, but I think in general everyone doesn't get much of a shock!
2. I was born in Germany but pretty much raised in Britain all my life!
3. Both lol, I'm not mixed race... dunno why everyone keeps thinking that.
4. What inspired me to make videos was Wong Fu Productions, I love how they portray life and are always trying to make their mark on the world. Make people smile and connect with them on so many levels. Myself I'm a Christian , and I want to spread my messages with positivity that encourage, motivate and inspire. Ultimately I hope people can see God working in me through my videos and the way i present myself.
5. Where did I get my personality from? Probably my mum, because she is such a caring and loving individual, I'm not saying I'm as great as she is, but she really taught me a lot of life lessons. A lot of my personality I would say comes from me being a Christian as well as wanting to do the best I possibly can as a friend.
6. Lol , girls don't hit on me often, but when they do its kinda awkward because I'm an awkward guy, I believe God's got one prepared for me though!
7. I started making videos properly Early June.
8. My Name is Tim.

Hope this has been helpful haha!

Enjoyed that? Lol slightly weird fo me if I'm honest XD


  1. Lol you seem like a really good fellow so keep it up cause you have a fan in texas! And I know how you feel because I'm puertorrican. :) nice to meet you TIM I'm Diana if this counts as meeting lol... Take care ^_^

    1. awww thanks! Nice to know I have a Puertorrican fellow yellow! ^^

    2. Sure a yellow fellow girl here lol take care ^ ^ p.s. your funny I'm sure we would laugh a lot talking cause if there's something I'm good at it's random things lol anyways, Haha see you around!

  2. hey another yellow fellow here!
    i was amazed by your answers especially the one about spreading positive messages , motivation, and how you put God as your center.
    it's hard to believe that a guy like you still exist :)
    i found out about you from youtube when i was searching information about HK polyU, and i ended up watching all of your videos.
    and after i read this post,i adore you even more!
    *pressing SUBSCRIBE button*

    1. Hi new Fellow Yellow :) , ahhh well guys like me do exist.. you just gotta chase after God and he'll present you someone wonderful for you, he has a plan for you :)

      Ahhhh I love how you found me through HK poly U, great uni! enjoyed my time on exchange there! Have a lovely day and hope you continue to comment and like videos e.t.c ^^

    2. Aww I like you even more now, Tim. You're the cutest lol. You should write more on your blog :D Keep being your awesome self on youtube.

  3. I started to watch your videos will shortly and until now, I really liked <3 , congratulations you are very good at this, so continues. Good Luck ^ ^, ^ ^ you're very cute, and you seem to be a very sweet boy with girls :$

  4. You really are an amazing person!!! :DDD
    Love, from a brazilian Fellow Yellow! :D

  5. Hey,
    I didn't know you were christian! I've watched some of your youtube videos and saw that you have a great character, besides being very funny too. I know how you feel, I was born in Brazil, I'm a Japanese descendant, and I speak English fluently. I guess I'm pretty awkward too, at least that's how people look at me.